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A pair of 12 inch table globes by Josiah Loring, dated 1844 and 1841. Each globe is set into a fruitwood stand with four baluster turned legs and stretchers, the terrestrial globe with a label reading ‘Loring’s Terrestrial Globe containing all the late discoveries and geographical Improvements, also the tracks of the most celebrated circumnavigators, compiled from Smith’s New English Globe, with additions and improvements by Annin & South, Boston, Josiah Loring, 136 Washington Street, 1844’ and the celestial globe with a similar label relating to Smith’s New English Globes and dated 1841.

Josiah Loring (1775 – 1840) began selling globes in Boston in 1832. Many of his early globes were imported from the British globemaker C. Smith & Sons or, like these, were re-engraved copies of Smith & Sons globes. Nevertheless, Loring advertised that his globes were superior to British globes of the period. His business was taken over by Gilman Joslin, the maker of the globe opposite in 1839.

Gilman Joslin (1804-1886) trained as a wood turner and looking-glass maker. He went to work for Josiah Loring in 1837 and had taken over the business by 1839. That year he issued the first globes under his own name, a terrestrial and celestial pair 6 inches in diameter. By the mid-century he was employing three men and two women and boasted a 3 horsepower steam engine for his production. Joslin was eventually succeeded by his son, William, and their firm produced globes of various sizes until the end of the 19th century. Joslin worked in many other fields, including shipbuilding, and he was one of the first Americans to make a daguerreotype.

17.5" (44 cm)
Mid 19th Century
16.5" (42 cm)

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    A pair of 12 inch table globes by Josiah Loring, dated 1844 and 1841

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