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John Thein (American: Contemporary), Eyesound (1993) Large Mixed Media PaintingJohn Thein (American: Contemporary), Eyesound (1993) Large Mixed Media PaintingJohn Thein (American: Contemporary), Eyesound (1993) Large Mixed Media Painting

John Thein (American: Contemporary), "Eyesound" (1993), mixed media on paper, unsigned but authenticated (see below), 63 x 43 ins (160cm x 109cm). Unframed.

PROVENANCE: Although we were in no doubt that this was John Thein's work, we sent him an email requesting authentication. He very kindly responded as follows:

"Eyesound" was the painting used for the invitation illustration of a one person exhibition that I had at CFM Gallery in New York City in 1993. It is mixed medium on paper, to be specific, it is done with a china red ink for the main background, which is then covered with metallic leaf and brushed to let the red come through. The top and bottom of the painting is a combination of water color and Sumi ink, which was done with large Sumi brushes. The main area – head, hand and double nude figure is done in graphite.

Since I have taught in China a number of time I have used Asian materials quite often in my work.

This painting is one of a series of large format mix medium pieces that I created under the title of Eyesound. During that time period my wife and I owned several galleries named Eyesound Gallery, thus an extension of our original name/title. The idea of Eyesound is a play of words of - visually hearing an image – it has a tinge of surrealism – other worldliness built into it."

This email will be forwarded to the buyer of this painting.

CONDITION: In excellent original condition.

BIOGRAPHY: John Thein is an associate professor of Art who teaches drawing and printmaking in the Fine Art Department at Creighton University. He received his M.A. and M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Iowa. Over the span of his career, he has had more than 30 one-man exhibitions.

Oil paints and watercolor in the hands of artist John Thein are seductively fluid media which allow him to create expressive, figurative compositions. A faculty member at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, Thein has researched the culture of the American Indian for over a decade and focused on interpreting its historical context in his work. A monumental suite of paintings, "Wounded Knee- The Painted Spirit", that he exhibited in a solo show at Creighton University serves as his personal, visual document of the horrors of that event. In it, larger-than life forms confront the viewer with an unthinkable description of man's inhumanity to his fellow man.

Thein has traveled widely in his teaching career, conducting classes in Xian, China, Leister, England and the Dominican Republic. Many of the techniques which he uses in his watercolors were refined from his knowledge of traditional Asian sumi-e painting. The artist states that the sumi-e brushstrokes allow him to bridge distinct cultures: "The sumi-e brush moves across the paper in a fleeting second, allowing its washes to mingle together... after drying, the human figure is created with a slow layering of small washes... bringing together east and west in a coherent whole."

Thein lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska where his three dimensional work has been recently installed on the riverfront at Miller's Landing. His work has been exhibited and won prizes internationally. It is also included in many museum, private and corporate collections throughout the world. (Source: John Thein's website, a link to which may be found on our 'Our Favorite Links' page, which can be accessed via the link on the front (home) page of our shop. To get there click, "Lefays Fine Arts" at the lower left of the gray banner at the top of this page.)

63" (160 cm)
Mixed Media
20th Century
Contemporary Art
43" (109 cm)

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    John Thein (American: Contemporary), Eyesound (1993) Large Mixed Media Painting

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