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This work depicts the union of danae and Zeus. Danae has been imprisoned in a brass tower after her father was told by an oracle that hid daughters son would grow to kill him. Zeus having fallen for danae, enters the tower through a small widow at the top of the tower, having transformed himself into a shower of gold. The god impregnates danae and the issue of the union grows to kill his grandfather.

The golden frame and the gold within the painting are an abstract depiction of the form of Zeus. In order to create the sensation of falling gold this element within the painting is worked in a thick impasto style, this gives the image a unique interaction with varying lights. The 'activated' surface can be seen to subtly change during the course of a day.

The frame is made from hardwoods. These have been painted with the same gold paints which form the painting. A coat of lacquer has been applied to the frame to protect the paint.

The painting is worked in ordinary and metalic acrylic paints.

danae palmer
Acrylic Paint
43" (109 cm)
68.5" (174 cm)

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    Danae and the shower of gold by Philip Palmer

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