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Antique embroidery Susanna and the EldersAntique embroidery Susanna and the EldersAntique embroidery Susanna and the EldersAntique embroidery Susanna and the Elders

A large rectangular embroidery panel of grotesque design. A depiction from the Old Testament; Susanna with her loyal servants. In the back ground the two old judges spying on her while in the vicinity of her large family house.
Lowlands Dutch circa 1530
The whole is now housed in a 21st century acrylic frame.
In Babylonia lived a man named Joachim, who was married to a beautiful woman who was fearful of God called Susan (Lily). Joachim was a wealthy bourgeois and had a big house with a garden. As a respectable member of the community, many Jews congregated in his house. Among the Jews who visited the house of Joachim were two old judges. When visitors came to the house of Joachim, his wife, Susanna, went for a walk to the garden. Seeing her every day walking about, the two old men began to desire her. At first neither knew of the secret desires of the other, until one day when both left the house and then met again when they returned to the house of Joachim to spy on Susanna. Both confessed to their lustful desires and agreed to seek an opportunity for both of them to be alone with the young Jewish girl. One day Susanna went to the garden as usual, unaware that the old men had hidden in her garden to spy on her. As the day was very hot, Susanna decided to take a bath and sent her servants to bring her oil and soap and told them to shut the garden gate. When the servant left, the old men came out of hiding and harassed the girl saying that if she did not acquiesce to their lustful desires both will testify against her saying that she had been unfaithful to her husband with a young man. Susanna refused the old men and was put on trial where the two elders testified against her as they had said. The old judges sentenced her to be stoned. While on her way to her punishment, Susanna asked God for help. The young Daniel stopped them all saying that Susanna was innocent. After talking with the old men separately, Daniel discovered that they were lying. In the end it was they who were sentenced to death.

37" (94 cm)
78" (198 cm)

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    Antique embroidery Susanna and the Elders

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