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Pear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White GoldPear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White Gold

A deep, dark pink tourmaline in a pleasant pear-cut is set within a five-prong setting, within the face of this gorgeous diamond white gold ring. The tourmaline has a deep, lush hue, with hints of brown, resulting in a mulled-wine color that is aesthetically-unique. The color of the tourmaline is allowed to stand out among a host of vivid round brilliant diamonds, with a carat total weight of diamonds of 0.70 cttw, all set in a bright 18k white gold with openwork detailing, and a sturdy, thick shank. This beautiful piece would make a fine addition to any collection.

Materials: Pear-cut deep pink tourmaline; diamonds; 18k white gold

Note: Gold quality determined by hallmark and confirmed by acid testing. Pink tourmaline identified by refractometer (RI=~1.65).

Gemstone Features:

Pear-cut pink tourmaline
Dimensions: 6.4x8.0x2.5mm
Carat weight: ~0.66 ctw
Color, clarity: The tourmaline is rather dark in tone, and the hue is a brownish-pink in some lights. The darkness in tone makes it difficult to see the interior of the stone, and thus difficult to identify minor inclusions.

Various round brilliant diamonds
Two larger round brilliants on shoulders: 3.0x3.0x1.2mm
50 petite accessory diamonds
Total carat weight in diamonds: ~0.70 cttw (as hallmarked)

Weight: 6.06 g

Size: 6.75 US [We can resize most of our rings up or down in 2.5 sizes; please contact us if you would like the ring larger or smaller]


3.7 mm shank width; 2.3 mm shank thickness

Marks: 18K 750 D070 [incised, inner shank face]

Condition: The central tourmaline and all diamonds are sturdily-set. Please see above for more details on the color and clarity of the tourmaline. Please note that none of the stones have been officially graded, and any information we provide is simply an educated estimate, based on our inspections. The diamonds all have quality round brilliant cuts, with nice near-colorless hues. The tourmaline, as stated above, is slightly dark in tone, and the hue can range from pink to brownish-pink, depending on the angle and under different lighting. The white gold is a high quality 18k. With detailed openwork and a sturdy construction, with a well-formed shank, with no distortion to its shape.

Please note that antique and vintage pieces almost always have minor and typical age wear; this is to be expected, and should not be considered detractory. We encourage you to read through the listing and examine all photos carefully for the best idea of the item’s condition. While we do our best to describe the item in the most detailed manner we can, it is always possible that we may miss or overlook some details; if you see any discrepancies in our listing, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can resolve it.

RETURN POLICY: All purchased items can be returned for a full refund within 3 days of receiving the item. Please note that layaway items can only be refunded for store credit.

LAYAWAY OPTIONS: We are happy to offer layaways for 3-8 months, with an initial 20% of the full price as down payment.

*AGE AND ORIGINS: Unless otherwise indicated, the age of all jewelry items listed is an educated estimate, based on various visible features of the piece in questions, including style, aesthetic, and technical craftsmanship details. Without hallmarks that definitively date the piece, or an official appraisal by a recognized institution, we cannot be 100% sure as to the origin of the jewelry, or any of its gemstones. We do our best to provide accurate estimations of the age of our pieces.

FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are devoted to bringing outstanding and exemplary jewelry to our clients. As such, we endeavor to be as accurate as possible in our descriptions. All gemstones and metals are tested with multiple tools, precise measurements are taken, and all items are examined closely. Upon the rare occurrence of an oversight or mistake in the listing, we will try our very best to satisfy the client. We are always happy to work out any and all issues via phone or email and we will make sure that you are delighted with every item you receive from us.

6.75 US

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    Pear-Cut Tourmaline Diamond Ring in in 18k White Gold


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