It's About Time
Deciphering the Fast-Paced World of Luxury Timepieces

Watch lovers can get restless when it comes to their wrists. One minute, collectors are chasing what's cool and new, from a hot dial color to the latest scratch-resistant alloy material for cases. The next, they are looking for something vintage and investment-worthy.

One of the cardinal rules of watch collecting, though, is finding pieces that hold their value. So how to find a watch that will satisfy that craving for novelty and style and still make for a long-term keeper? Two Hollywood style experts and a top vintage watch retailer weigh-in on the current trends that could go the distance, whether you are buying vintage, pre-owned or current offerings.

Metal of the Moment

The recent passion for rose gold as a case and bracelet metal is showing no signs of slowing down, according to A-list Hollywood red-carpet stylist Jeanne Yang, who dresses Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale and Toby Maguire.

"It's the biggest thing right now - it's new and people who wear watches want to stand out and look like they are wearing something striking. Look, they even made an Apple watch in rose gold. I think this metal will always be a big deal in part because it's especially flattering with most people's skin."

Colors of Choice

Luxury watch brands are debuting more dial color beyond traditional black and white, from champagne and copper to green and even plum. While trendy Andrew Weitz, a former talent agent turned executive style consultant, who dresses businesspeople in the entertainment world, cautions that some colors "won't be as timeless as a black or white face." If he had to choose one color, he says he would opt for something less flashy, like blue. Jeanne Yang's hue of choice, right now, for a dial color is chocolate. "I love it with rose gold and even with stainless steel. It's something that's new and that will be a conversation piece," she says.

Investment Option

Any smart collector of pre-owned timepieces knows it's key to understand what they're purchasing and to buy only from a reputable dealer who will provide a guarantee of authenticity, meticulously inspects each watch in their inventory and, when necessary, restores and services the piece using only 100% authentic parts. Furthermore, at brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Omega everything crafted is done to perfection, so make sure to take a close look at the case, crown, hands, bezel, bracelet, and clasp, and if anything comes across as subpar quality, then you can be pretty sure it's a fake. When in doubt, depend on your trusted dealer.