The Sultana of Spin
SoulCycle's Stacey Griffith has cutting edge style that extends beyond the bike.

As a senior master instructor for the famed NYC spinning studio SoulCycle, Stacey Griffith's fast-paced, high intensity workouts sell out in seconds and are filled with A-listers such as Hilary Swank, Kelly Ripa and J.Crew's Mickey Drexler.

Beyond the studio, her NYC office features an art installation of over 100 pairs of designer sneakers including Lanvin, Céline, Missoni and New Balance. Recently, she collaborated with another of her student-devotees, Michelle Smith of the hip fashion line Milly on a collection of minimalist flip-flops, tees and tanks, with motivating messages like "Charge it Hard like Your Am Ex Card" and "No One Remembers Normal." When asked about the collaboration, Smith said, "I got to know Stacey through SoulCycle. She's my favorite instructor - her killer sense of humour has gotten me through the most gruelling workouts. The Stacey G + Milly limited edition collection expresses our shared love of fashion, wit and pop culture - it was inevitable we would collaborate."

Griffith's legions of fans not only follow her for adrenaline-rush workouts but also for her rocker-chic style. Here, she talks about the influences that have shaped her look and how it translates into her work, her home and her favorite travel destinations.

LUXPOP!: What influences your style?

Stacey Griffith: My style has always been a combination of athleticism and funk.

LP!: What are some of your favorite styles to wear for work and outside the studio?

SG: I've always been known to mix and match different brands together. Lucky for me, we have our own line of clothes at SoulCycle so I will always start with a signature piece from the newest collection. I'm notorious for rocking Cotton Citizen sweat pants on the bottom, along with my sneaker of the week that I feature weekly on Footwear News. (Check her out on Instagram @StaceyGNYC).

LP!: How did you shape your collaboration with Milly?

SG: I wanted to do a line of snarky t-shirts and collaborating with Milly who already had an existing collection seemed like a perfect fit.

LP!: We loved reading about your sneaker / art installation. Tell us how that came about. Are they styles you wear or just display?

SG: I have a really dear friend that dedicated an entire bedroom to her sneaker collection so I used her idea to hang sneakers like art in my office. I have over 100 pairs hanging on the wall and I rotate them bi-weekly. Some may disagree but I promise I am not a hoarder!

LP!: What is your favorite pair?

SG: My favorite styles have a fashion-meets-function element. The Adidas and Kanye West collaboration "Yeezy Boost" sneaker may be my favorite example of this. I can bounce around in them when I teach and wear them with a pair of jeans when I leave.

LP!: What design elements of your home do you love?

SG: Our home is a mix of Aspen-meets-New York City living. Being from California, it's tough to adjust to the modernism of this city. I was used to shabby chic couches and faux-finished walls, so it was hard to peel away from the casual vibe when I moved to Manhattan. Now, I love my black hardwood floors and the reclaimed wood wall and ceiling on my entry way and kitchen.

LP!: How does your style shape the music and routines you choreograph for SoulCycle?

SG: I can't give away my secret sauce!

LP!: You've been able to do some amazing things with SoulCycle - is there one moment that really resonates with you?

SG: Wow, there have been so many amazing moments. I'd include the All Star Game at the Barclay Center with 200 bikes and 100 bikes at Grand Central Station during rush hour with American Express. It's hard to decide because even the charity rides I do for Project ALS and Change for Kids, among others are all so meaningful to me.

LP!: What are some of your favorite travel destinations?

SG: My travel bug has two sides - sporty and adventurous, or leisurely and luxurious. It's funny because my New York life has been about fancy destinations like St. Tropez, St. Barts and Anguilla. When I was living on the West Coast, I would seek out gritty surf spots like San Onofre and Hawaii. Ultimately, I still like to channel the West Coast side of who I am.