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To our esteemed supporters:

I want to thank everyone for welcoming RubyLUX into the digital world. We are thrilled with what we've created, and for the support from our global audiences and highly respected dealers. It takes years to build a successful platform; RubyLUX got a jump start from the web site I have developed and refined over the past 18 years. We are the only site that started with a mature and sophisticated platform. It offers us a strong infrastructure for success, reinforced by our unique advantage as an entirely in-house creation.

RubyLUX's sister site Ruby Lane, offers over 1.5 million visitors per month, triple the size of other sites such as Chairish. Our experience in creating an online luxury site is unparalleled. Our core team of sophisticated and knowledgeable professionals has experience in building a similar state of the art platform.

Within one year, RubyLUX's traffic has soared. As for social media, RubyLUX is second only to 1stdibs as being organically "Liked" by Facebook users. Direct dealer-to-buyer communications and successful sales, as dealers attest, are among the benefits of belonging to RubyLUX. As always, we vow never to come between dealers and their clients.

As we move into the next year, we are committed to developing greater sales for all our dealers, and we thank you for being integral to the success of our first year.

Happy anniversary to all.


Tom Johnson,
CEO of Ruby Lane and RubyLUX


"RubyLUX is the first and only online platform that we've worked with. We've already received international attention from people in London who have inquired about Baramasa paintings. The more you learn about your client, and whom you reach, the more you can tailor your services to them. RubyLUX is great in granting us a platform to display our work and help us learn about whom we are reaching."
- Suneet Kapoor of Kapoor Galleries Inc.

"RubyLUX does a remarkable job assisting the dealer and the designer in order to make sales more efficient and fast, while reaching to a wider range of potential customers through its network. Maintaining a culture of high quality and professionalism is of uttermost importance for our business as we evolve into the digital age. The RubyLUX platform offers the tools and the technology to meet those requirements in a successful way."
- Vicente Wolf, owner of VW HOME by Vicente Wolf

"I was searching for an international site that would reach a broader audience in the luxury goods market while maintaining the highest quality. Strong ties to major dealer organizations by the site would be essential. After all that, the cost had to be within reason as well. I chose RubyLUX which has recently brought us a Brazilian client buying for their Paris apartment."
- Robert J. Riesberg, owner of Robert J. Reisberg Antiques

"RubyLUX's excitement & energy in launching its new high-end & exclusive luxury brand reminds me of the early days of 1stdibs where personal relationships between the member dealers and clients were the focus. Offering a reasonable monthly subscription fee & no commissions for sales or other fees, RubyLUX allows dealers to offer clients greater price flexibility on their items & reinvest profits from sales back into their inventory & marketing efforts. RubyLUX is a refreshing alternative for quality dealers & customers in the high-end luxury market. With no sales commissions, personal relationships, a sophisticated website & a more exclusive and intimate dealer group, everyone stands to gain at RubyLUX!"
- Karina Gentinetta owner of disegno Karina Gentinetta

"As veteran of the Internet for 20 years I have experienced many different sites, some better than others. As with any start up it takes time to not only build an audience but also SEO. As one of the initial dealers on RubyLUX, I can report that I am happy to see movement increasing monthly. I have not only received inquiries but have fortunately turned some of these initial contacts into successful sales. There is a lot of website competition out there, but finding the right fit is what it is all about."
- Kimberly Klosterman, owner of Kimberly Klosterman



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