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Working with a CINOA partner means additional security under the CINOA umbrella, as well as real influence and power on decisions made regarding your business.



(Web site cost + FREE RubyLUX subscription for 1 year included)
(Email for complete program description)

• BASIC WEB SITE$2,500 one-time; $1,500 per year maintenance
• PREMIUM WEB SITE$3,500 one-time; $2,500 per year maintenance
• CUSTOMIZED WEB SITE$5,000 and up; corresponding maintenance


• $175 per month for up to 100 items. No other fees. ($2,100 per year)
• $250 per month for up to 300 items. No other fees. ($3,000 per year)

Also included are:

• Special CINOA members Help Desk to facilitate image uploads, training, and account maintenance. We can do uploads for you if requested.

• Special European Sales Director and regional contacts available to help you with questions, paperwork, setup and maintenance of your account, or advice on strategies to maximize the exposure of your inventory on line.

• Editorial coverage is also made available in our own LUXPOP! online magazine, in our popular LUXList blog section, in our newsletters, and in printed publications.

• Our special reduced-rate CO-OP advertising program with Architectural Digest, and several other publications, is also available to CINOA dealers, together in their own section, under the CINOA logo.


• MOST EXPERIENCED TEAM ON THE MARKET: RubyLUX offers a unique combination of online technical prowess and marketing experience.

• Tom Johnson and his large in-house team of engineers have a 20 year history building several successful eCommerce platforms, and recently, the new website.

• The RubyLUX marketing team comes from the most formative background through 1stdibs that they helped build.


You will never be at the mercy of outside influencers. Money is not the priority.
Tom and his team are passionate about the Fine Arts and Antiques business. Their mission in life is to help the whole field meet the challenges it faces today (internet related or not) by developing the right tools and structures to keep growing contacts and sales.

In-house building means you will never be at the mercy of far away tech teams and their unreliable antics.
What we build is solid and well connected. Our project for the CINOA organization is to build an online structure mirroring the existing structure, where all web sites can be vertically connected for faster communication, and powerful action.

Building your own domain website in addition to a store on our RubyLUX marketplace, can be included at a low cost. (See rate card below)


There are no commissions on sales on RubyLUX, and no hidden fees. Each rate is plain and simple, and comes with a set amount of item inclusions.


When a web site grows, quality of the inventory declines, sometimes to a dramatic extent. When a web site strategy is solely growth and revenue, the gates are open to all forms of abuse, and the results become an embarrassment for the serious dealers.

RubyLUX will not grow beyond a certain quality threshold for each category of items. This is the reason why we are separating CINOA dealers from other dealers in Antiques, 20th century, Jewelry and Fine Arts in our site's navigation bar. (going live this month).


1. According to Bain & Company, the US remains the largest market for luxury sales worldwide, and it is, by far, bigger than the next four markets combined: Japan, China, Italy & France.

2. If you are in Europe, or anywhere outside America, you need exposure to this discerning and affluent audience.

3. Through your own store on, your inventory reaches buyers in America and the whole world. Dealers have reported sales far and wide, including to Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

4. RubyLUX is a favorite resource of the Design Trade, which accounts for more than 80% of art, antiques, and décor sales. A highly visible section of is devoted to the Design Trade notable activities and achievements, and is supported by a blog that is a hit with design community.

5. Most popular with the Design Trade is our Concierge Service, where we contact member dealers directly to secure the right piece for the project. Equally innovative is the LUXBOOK, an inspirational search, highlighting the work of designers in conjunction with the inventory, selected by expert dealers, contributing to the magic of the design.

6. Because RubyLUX also believes in supporting your brick & mortar presence, it has sponsored numerous local initiatives. Latest was an elegant and successful event during Asia Week New York at Kapoor Galleries (CINOA/AADLA).


"RubyLUX is the first and only online platform that we've worked with. We've already received international attention from people in London who have inquired about Baramasa paintings. The more you learn about your client, and whom you reach, the more you can tailor your services to them. RubyLUX is great in granting us a platform to display our work and help us learn about whom we are reaching."
Suneet Kapoor of Kapoor Galleries Inc., New York, NY

"Your most powerful buyers may visit you in person, but they also use the internet constantly in their decisions (whether they tell you or not). I look to RubyLUX as a serious and sophisticated site to keep the attention of my buyers."
Robert Riesberg of Robert J Riesberg Antiques Inc, St. Paul, MN

"I was searching for an international site that would reach a broader audience in the luxury goods market while maintaining the highest quality. Strong ties to major dealer organizations by the site would be essential. After all that, the cost had to be within reason as well. I chose RubyLUX which has recently brought us a Brazilian client buying for their Paris apartment."
Robert J. Riesberg, owner of Robert J. Riesberg Antiques, St. Paul, MN

"We had a nice response from this event - not only did people inquire about our Butler & Wilson pieces but it created interest in other items listed on our storefront as well. We sold one piece that RubyLUX highlighted and were very pleased with the interest as a whole. We were very satisfied in working with RubyLUX on this special event as it created opportunities with new clients."
William Drucker of Drucker Antiques

The LUX in LOVE curated event was featured on RubyLUX during the month of February. Drucker Antiques participated in a special sale highlighting their collection from Butler & Wilson.


"We love shopping RubyLUX because the quality of the items is undeniable, and the selections are edited. If there isn't time to just peruse the site, RubyLUX offers a number of specific search filter options - making shopping very efficient! They understand their market, and respect the needs of their shopper."
Carrier & Company

"RubyLUX has a comprehensive curated selection of furniture and lighting ...not to mention jewelry. My design team was recently introduced to the site and we look forward to using it when sourcing for specific interior design projects in the future. And maybe even to treat ourselves to a lovely new piece of vintage jewelry."
Design Partners Lee Cavanaugh, Sarah Ramsey, Claire Ratliff, Alyssa Urban of Cullman & Kravis

"RubyLUX is a trusted resource, as we pride ourselves on delivering a very custom and curated look to our clientele."
Andrea Shumacher, Interior Designer

"RubyLUX is one of the most interactive sites out there. Not only is it a great source of furnishings and art but it makes it very friendly to connect directly with buyers and the design community."
Mitchell Hill, Interior Designers

"RubyLUX is an incredible resource with a variety of experienced dealers and quality periods and style from around the world. The search engine optimization allows for the smallest detail to turn up exactly the pieces I am looking for and some I didn't know I wanted."
Stephan Jones of Stephan Jones Interiors


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